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Rules & Subscriptions

IMPORTANT - Please read these Rules before starting to fish

Rods are let, through the owner, T. Birch Reynardson, as follows:-



Full rods


One specified day per week through the Season.



Half Rods


One specified day per fortnight through the Season.



Family Rods


Any two members of one family or one member of a family and one guest on a full or half rod basis.



26 day Rods


A subscriber may fish on any day, 26 days per season.

  e) 13 day Rod
A subscriber may fish on any day, 13 days per season.
  e) 6 day Rod
A subscriber may fish on any day, 6 days per season.
  There will be NO fishing on Mondays, this day being reserved for maintenance.





A Member Rod may invite a guest to fish, BUT ONLY if the Member Rod is present. Not more than two guests may fish on any one day unless special arrangements are made with the Water Bailiff. A Guest Book is provided in the fishing hut and advance reservations may be entered in this book. Any member wishing to invite more than one guest on any one day should apply in advance to the Water Bailiff.



The catch limit for a guest will be the same as for the Member Rod, (two brace per day).
(See also under Family Rod.)

  c) Guest fees must be paid before fishing.
(See also under Subscriptions.)
4   All Rods may kill two brace of trout per day. Once the limit has been taken, Members or their guests must stop fishing or, alternatively, pay for a supplementary rod. NO FISH ARE TO BE RETRUNED.
5   Fishing is to be wet fly, dry fly or nymph only. No Trebles, Doubles, Lures, Tandems or Spinners to be used.
    Only ONE fly, wet or dry, or Nymph is to be attached or fished from each cast.
    Your particular attention is drawn to this Rule.
6   Fishing will not start before 0730 hours and all Rods must leave the water by one hour after sunset.






It is essential that returns of all fish caught, giving weights and lengths, whether Rainbow or Brown Trout, the Fly used and the name of the pool etc., are made before finally leaving. A set of scales, a ruler and a Fishing Register are in the Fishing Hut for this purpose. Members are requested to insert their name in the Fishing Register before commencing to fish.

8   26, 13 and 6 day Rods must sign in at the fishing hut prior to fishing both in the Fishing Register and on the form provided and must keep a personal record of days fished throughout the season.
9 a) Great care has been taken in stocking, weed and bank clearance and the provision of amenities, to create fishing of the very highest quality. Members are, therefore, requested to refrain from leaving litter on the banks. In particular care should be taken to remove all discarded nylons. Any damage or unusual incidents should be reported without delay.
  b) The right is reserved to close temporarily any pool in order that emergency maintenance may be carried out.
  c) On no account should cars be parked on the road. They must be parked either off the road or in the Car Park.
10   The Owner reserves the right for him and his guests to fish at any time.
11   The Owner, his Bailiff and other employees are NOT liable for any damage or injury by, or to any person fishing at Adwell, or accompanying any person fishing, caused in any manner whatsoever. All such persons are wholly liable for any damage or injury to themselves or third parties, caused or received in the course of, or appertaining to, fishing at Adwell.
12   Anyone found contravening these Rules, fishing in an unfair or unsportsmanlike manner, or taking more than the permitted limit of fish, will forfeit his right to fish without refund.
    These are fixed annually. Please see schedule.
    Any enquiry should be made to the Water Bailiff, Mr Roy Smart, telephone number 01884 281238 or mobile 07765 671795.

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